Sensory stimulation glove Neural Plasticity Lab
Collaborator: Frederick Junker

Aim of the study

Selective electrical stimulation protocols can stimulate learning processes associated with improved tactile performance. To ease up the sensory stimulation to the subject, specific stimulation gloves were developed. These allow specific stimulation of all five fingers of one hand.

This study will investigate whether the known influence of stimulation protocols can be observed on the tactile performance of the finger by stimulation gloves.



At the start of the study the tactile performance of the right index and ring finger and the left index finger of the subject were evaluated by the 2-point discrimination (about 50 min).

Next follows an EEG measurement to determine the cortical activity (about 30 min) and the sensory stimulation via stimulation glove (about 30 min), in which the subject can deal freely.

Finally, the EEG measurement and evaluation of tactile discrimination ability of all three fingers were repeated (60 min).



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