INI Colloquium: Talk by Dr Edison Pignaton de Freitas

Title: "Applying Biomorphic SLAM to Cloud Robotics Systems"
Time: Wednesday, February 21st, 12pm
Venue: NB 3/57

Autonomous navigation is very...

Teaching Project on the RUB Website

There is an article on our new teaching project in collaboration with Markus König and Aydin Sezgin on the university website.

INI Alumnus Sells Startup to Apple

Avery Wang, graduate student at the INI from 1990-1992, founded Shazam in 2000 and just sold it to Apple. Read the story in Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Machine Learning Consulting

The INI now offers an official machine learning consulting service. The service is available to university members, and it is free of charge. We intend to support the growing...

INI Colloquium: Talk by Dr. Jörg Bornschein (Deep Mind London)

Title: "Memory Augmented Generative Models for Few-shot Learning"
Time: Wednesday, October 18th, 12pm
Venue: NB 3/57
Over the last couple of...