Resolving and Manipulating Neuronal Networks
Collaborator: Dirk Jancke, Institut für Neuroinformatik, Stefan Herlitze, Dept. Neurobiology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, RUB and Peter König, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück

DFG - German Priority Programme - SPP 1665

DFG Priority Programme

Together with our partners of the University of Osnabrück, we aim at investigating the role of interactions between different brain regions and their impact on motor action planning and learning. Specifically, we address the question how Serotonin modulates sensory and motor processing. Sensation and motor action is influenced through emotional factors like motivation, anger, fear, or attention. There is not much knowledge of how modulation of these factors by serotonergic action affects quantities of sensory-motor integration as anticipation, adaptation, and learning. In our project, serotonergic brain cells will selectively be activated or inhibited using optogenetics.

The Institut für Neuroinformatik (INI) is a central research unit of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. We aim to understand the fundamental principles through which organisms generate behavior and cognition while linked to their environments through sensory systems and while acting in those environments through effector systems. Inspired by our insights into such natural cognitive systems, we seek new solutions to problems of information processing in artificial cognitive systems. We draw from a variety of disciplines that include experimental approaches from psychology and neurophysiology as well as theoretical approaches from physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and applied computer science, in particular machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision.

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