Game Development (Lab course)

Limited number of participants!

Bachelor students in the Angewandte Informatik and ET/IT program have to register via FlexNow (in the official registration period). Everyone else, including AI master students, can write an e-mail to, stating their name, degree and semester. For these additional slots students will be chosen in order of application. The course will be held in an online format.

Please check with your respective Prüfungsamt beforehand as you might need to register there as well (enrollment period: June 1 to 24, 2022).

Over the course of two weeks participants will learn to develop a game concept from the ground up and implement it with the Unity engine. The course will allow you to use the skills acquired in other courses in a practical environment and in a creative way. The projects will be developed in groups of 1-2 students and presented to the rest of the course, who will be able to play your games and discuss them together. After successful participation you will have learned how to plan an extensive software project and how to present your ideas to a group of other developers.

The course is directed at students of Angewandte Informatik and can be used as your "Programmierpraktikum". Master students can also get credit as a "Freies Wahlmodul".

Important: Basic to intermediate experience with the Unity engine is mandatory. This can for example be acquired either from the full "Game Development" course. You don't need to be an expert - if you have worked with the engine in some capacity you should have enough knowledge to participate in the course. But there will be no additional introduction to the toolset, since the course is designed around the implemenation of your own game.



Course type
Lab courses
3 CP
Summer Term 2022


Lab course
Takes place every day from 09:00 to 17:00.
First appointment is on 01.08.2022
Last appointment is on 12.08.2022


Programming experience

  • This course is designed for students that already have experience with the Unity engine (e.g. from the course 'Game Development'). There will be no additional introduction to the toolset.

Other requirements

  • You need to have access to a computer that is able to run the newest stable version of the Unity Engine (
  • Access to Zoom and Discord as well as a working microphone are required.


  • Depending on the students the communication will be done either in German or English.

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