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Results of the GECCO'2017 1-OBJ expensive Track

"Raw" Result Data

On each problem participants were judged by the best (lowest) function value achieved within the given budget of function evaluations. There were 13 participants in the field. The best function value per problem and participant (1000 times 13 double precision numbers) is listed in this text file.

Participant Ranking

Participants were ranked based on aggregated problem-wise ranks (details here and here). The following results table lists participants with overall scores (higher is better) and the sum of ranks over all problems (lower is better) The table can be sorted w.r.t. these criteria.

rank participant method name method description software paper score  sum of ranks 
1 LB DTS-CMA-ES or BOBYQA Doubly trained surrogate CMA-ES (DTS-CMA-ES) with 5% of the number of original-evaluated points per generation, or Powell's BOBYQA (Dlib C++ re-implementation) if evaluations budget is less than 15D. 824.715 4733
2 Simon Wessing RLMBO+LBFGSB+RS Restarted local model-based optimization (alpha version), L-BFGS-B, and random search link 691.064 5562
3 Artelys Artelys Knitro Artelys Knitro used in derivative-free mode with multistart link link 593.055 6482
4 Al Jimenez 575.891 5386
5 bujok IDEbdQ
  1. "IDE" - DE with individual dependent parameter settings
  2. "b" - Enhanced mutation with the best base point in the (second) exploitation stage
  3. "d" - diversity control based on the standard deviation of the points in the population (population size is changed inside of Nmin and Nmax boundaries)
  4. "Q" - Nmax boundary from population size update is decreased by half in each quarter of search process
496.176 5728
6 SACOBRA SACOBRA Self-adjusting Constrained Optimization with RBF and online model selection. (Due to time shortage and computational time limits only less than 85% of the problems were addressed completely) 468.327 5884
7 EMAGIN's Tomcat Emagin's Tomcat (Sparrow mode) - Developed by Mohammadamin Jahanpour 433.147 6218
8 Giacomo Nannicini 333.639 6496
9 Poly Montreal 208.556 7857
10 Jeremy M Custom algorithm 198.68 8602
11 Ralf S. Mix of PSO and GA 170.237 8045
12 djagodzi DES - Differential Evolution Strategy 76.1887 9431
13 jarabas CMADE - Covariance Matrix Adaptation Differential Evolution 33.1138 10561

Visualization of Performance Data

The following figure shows an aggregated view on the performance data.

The following figures show the same data, but separately for each problem dimension.