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Building NB, Room 3/27
Institut für Neuroinformatik
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Universitätsstr. 150
44780 Bochum, Germany




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Lectures and Seminars

In the sommer term 2014 I offer the following courses:

Previous Lectures

Winter term 2013/14 "Evolutionäre Algorithmen"
Summer term 2012 "Machine Learning - Supervised Methods"
Winter term 2012/13 "Evolutionäre Algorithmen"
Summer term 2012 "Machine Learning - Supervised Methods"


I am always offering Bachelor and Master theses within the Angewandte Informatik program. Please contact me for details.

Homepage of Tobias Glasmachers - Research

One line of my research deals with supervised learning with support vector machines (SVMs). On the one hand I am interested in the SVM training problem, which basically amounts to large scale quadratic programming. On the other hand I am trying to simplify SVM usage for non-experts by developing robust methods for automatic model selection. My research activities include both theoretical and practical aspects ranging from SVM optimization to experimental comparison studies and software development.

I am also interested in evolutionary algorithms, in particular evolution strategies for controller design and real-valued black box optimization. This activity offers fascinating theoretical challenges, and at the same time highly efficient practical algorithms with endless applications.

Homepage of Tobias Glasmachers - Projects

Support-Vektor-Maschinen für extrem große Datenmengen

This is a newly acquired project in cooperation with the chair Computergestützte Statistik at the Technical University of Dortmund. It is funded by the Mercator Research Center Ruhr. A short project description can be found here.

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Currently I don't have any open positions available.

Homepage of Tobias Glasmachers - Software

I am an active developer of the Shark Machine Learning Library. Shark is an open-source, modular, and fast C++ library. A large share of my research code is either part of the library or based thereon. Check it out!

Shark is currently undergoing a major transition; actually it is more fair to speak of a complete rewrite. By now (2013) the work is mostly done, and we already have an alpha release of the brand new Shark 3. A few more design changes are underway that will make the library even faster and even more complete.